Why I do What I do!

I get asked this question A LOT!  It’s hard to say really, because it is a feeling and ultimately hard to articulate into a why?  In short, it is the relationships.  It is the people, the time, and the trust that builds over the years as I see their hopes and dreams unfold.  Of course, there are times when people are scared and uncertain as it pertains to economic environments.  There are births, deaths, job changes, job losses, COVID, and sending kids off to college.  The best part of my job is sitting down with my clients annually (often more) and hearing all about their life.  During these visits, our lives become intertwined over time, and we come to know each other on a deeper level.  It is more than a job, more than a financial planner-client relationship.  It is fulfilling and I get to help people create a vision, that over time, we tweak together, as the world tweaks around us, with a goal curated by a client that become family.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Greater Peterborough & Keene Chamber’s Executive Director Luca Paris.  As if he didn’t already have a million things going on (that he does brilliantly) he hosts a Chamber Business Spotlight Podcast!  How fun right?  He asked to interview me, and I was thrilled for the opportunity.  Luca is loaded with fun and positive contagious energy!  It was a great experience.  During the interview, he asked my why!  To listen to the interview – click on the link below!

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