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Why did we become SmartVestor Pros?

We became SmartVestor Pros at Brady Associates Asset Management because we strongly agree with Dave Ramsey’s investment philosophy. To win with money, you have to control your money. We teach our clients how to win and control their money to build wealth and create a legacy.


What is a SmartVestor Pro? We have a “client-first” approach where we are committed to educating our clients about their investments. We are Independent Investment Advisors – which means we are held to the highest fiduciary standard. As an Independent, we are able to offer any investment option, not just one company or one investment.


We help our clients win with money.
When working with us, we get on the same side of the table as our clients, and help them make non-bias decisions to win with their money.


Why you should use a SmartVestor Pro Advisor?

SmartVestor Pro Advisors are vetted investing professionals recommended by Dave Ramsey.
What does it mean to be a SmartVestor Pro?

  • Client-First Mentality – As fiduciaries, your interests come first. We bring the “heart of a teacher” to educate you, so you are empowered to make informed investment decisions that align with your values.
  • Smart Wealth Building – We listen to help you build long term wealth that is aligned with your values. We take the time to listen and then create a financial plan that helps you own your future.
  • Who is Dave Ramsey?

    Dave Ramsey is a personal money-management expert, known as a national radio personality, with seven best-selling books about money and business.

    Dave uses the wisdom he gained by building and losing a $4 million real estate portfolio by age 30. He developed a simple set of financial lessons and materials to help people be responsible with their money. The 7 Baby Steps program helps millions of people save for emergencies, get out of debt, build wealth, and give to your important causes. The mission statement for Ramsey Solutions, established in 1992, is to, “provide biblically based common-sense education and empowerment that give HOPE to everyone in every walk of life.”

    What Questions Should I Ask My Financial Advisor?

    Steve Kim, a trusted financial advisor with Brady Associates Asset Management, is proud to be a SmartVestor Pro for the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area. He has a “heart of a teacher” and is committed to the principles of saving for an emergency, debt elimination, building wealth, and giving.

    Questions to Ask Steve…

    Question #1: What do you love about your job?

    As a trusted advisor, every day is an opportunity to share my expertise in helping clients get a step closer to reaching their financial goals. More importantly, I enjoy learning about their journey and what gets them up every day.

    Question #2: What services do you provide clients?

    I provide independent financial planning and investment advisory services. I utilize multiple investment vehicles and funds to help clients reach their investment objectives. As a fiduciary, your interests come first.

    Question #3: What is your investment philosophy?

    I listen to you in building an investment portfolio that is aligned with your financial plan, risk tolerance, values, and interests. Brady Associates Asset Management is independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to you.

    Question #3: What is your investment philosophy?

    I listen to you in building an investment portfolio that is aligned with your financial plan, risk tolerance, values, and interests. Brady Associates Asset Management is independent, so our loyalty belongs exclusively to you.

    Question #4: How will we communicate about my investments?

    Meeting regularly is an important part in working with clients. Reviews can be conducted by phone, video, or in person. We also provide clients with a Generational Vault Account to securely store and exchange documents. We are committed to responding to client inquiries within 24 hours.

    Question #5: How do you get paid?

    I am a dual-registered investment advisor. Most of my clients are fee-based. I am also licensed to offer insurance products and am compensated through commissions.

    Question #6: How will you measure and evaluate my investment performance?

    Together will evaluate how your investments are performing vs. the financial plan we put together. We will monitor investments and make timely adjustments in response to changes in the financial market or due to life changes.

    Question #7: Can you tell me why the last two clients you lost stopped working with you?

    One of my earliest clients passed away. The other decided to work with an advisor closer to their home.

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